Author’s New Cookbook Aims to Satirize Animal Rights Groups with Recipes Using Household Pets

In PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS, author Robert Arlen uses black humor to create a recipe book meant to shock and amuse.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA - In PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS, Robert Arlen takes on what he feels is one animal rights group's over-the-top stance on animal rights by producing a cookbook for meals made from whales, poodles and more. Author Robert Arlen is an animal lover who has also owned two different pet stores. Yet, he increasingly found fault with the way the animal rights agencies do business to achieve their goals. Wanting to have some fun, he created PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS, a book of recipeshe intends to poke fun at such groups and generate lauther.

Arlen provides real-sounding, intricate recipes for such dishes as Cheetah Chimichanga, Barbecued Beaver and Cat Tacos. He suggests people savemoney by eating the meat of their 50-pound poodle when it dies, and he points out that a beached whale could be an economical meal choicethat could simply supple enough meat for an entire family reunion. Filled with color illustrations, the book is designedto be placed on the coffee table, opened at any page and shared with friends.

PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS is available for sale at, Booksurge and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the author Robert Arlen has owned two pet shops, loves animals and wishes PETA had a sense of humor. He currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA and he says he has personally never tried any of the recipes in PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

‘Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence on squirrel scene in 'Winter's Bone': 'Screw PETA'

Jennifer Lawrence may have been channeling her "Hunger Games" character, Katniss Everdeen, when she recently attacked People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals .

In the new blockbuster film, Katniss hunts animals for survival before she enters in her Capitol city's do-or-die competition in which she must kill her peers for the amusement of her corrupt government. But "Hunger" wasn't the first film Lawrence got blood on her hands.

In a scene from the Oscar-nominated 2010 movie "Winter's Bone," Lawrence had to gut a squirrel, aggressively ripping the fur off its flesh.

The 21-year-old superstar recalls the cringe-worthy moment in recent interview with Rolling Stone, revealing that the squirrel scene was not faked.

"I should say it wasn't real, for PETA," she said. "But screw PETA."

Naturally, after Lawrence's choice words drew ire, the animal rights organization has put up a tough fight.

"She’s young and the plight of animals somehow hasn’t yet touched her heart," PETA president Ingrid Newkirk told Gothamist. "As Henry David Thoreau said, 'The squirrel you kill in jest, dies in earnest.' We are told that this squirrel was hit by a car, but when people kill animals, it is the animals who are 'screwed,' not PETA, and one day I hope she will try to make up for any pain she might cause any animal who did nothing but try to eke out a humble existence in nature."